A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

WARNING: This game is not suitable for younger audience. The concepts might also be cringe-worthy, self-aware or even offensive, to how you see the game as a whole. If you want, you can play it at your own risk or even be curious to play it.

About: Monster Trap is a game which suppose to be following the metaphor "Don't judge the book by it's cover.", so when you see the title, and the game is nothing you expected. Well, don't judge the game by it's title. even though there is an actual trap in this game

Story: It tells a story of a young cafe girl named Julia who ends up living her life as a monster in Hue-Min Hotel, a hotel full of non-human boys. She doesn't know what's going on, but she was helped by her friend Yuko. Do you think Julia will find a way of going back to reality?  Well, let's find out.


MonsterTrap PC 302 MB
MonsterTrap-1.25-mac.zip 287 MB

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I loved this game! All the characters in it are very cute and even the smaller ones are charming in their own ways.
Me playing this game was more of a dare from a friend of mine, And he thought that I would hate this game, Boy was he wrong.
This game is bootiful, And even if it won't happen, I will still spend the rest of my life hoping for a sequel to this, GIVE ME SUSTENANCE PLEASE.

This all started as a joke, But it evolved into one of my favorite games I played this year already

I might even end up doing fan art of this game, Who knows (I definitely will)

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I do admit this is the first visual novel I played, but heed me me out on this; Yeah, Yeah...It's full of weird crap that would freak out most people but honestly I loved it! The characters have strange but cute designs as well with personality, The story is simple for a visual novel, And at the end of the day; It's short but sweet. What may turn people off from this is that you don't really make a decision until near the end where you decide the story's ending and that there is a bunch of grammer errors here and there , But it is worth a try if you like. One more thing to wrap up this here block of text is this: Not to spoil anything, But the actual ending just melted my heart~ 

Overall, my opinion in a nutshell: